Additional Resources: Writing & Speaking

CategoryWriting or Speaking Resource
On-Campus Resources The ​Centre for International Exper​ience (CIE)
serves international students coming to U of T
an​d domestic students looking to go abroad.​
On-Campus Resources The U of T​ Library ​provides answers to common
research questions (including using RefWorks,
setting up my alerts, using article databases,
finding theses, accessing resources from home,
On-Campus Resources The ​Career Centre offers a comprehensive,
personalized range of services to support and
empower participants in making informed
decisions about their career and employment
On-Campus Resources The Health and Wellness Centre​ offers students
short-term individual counselling/
psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy,
group therapy, workshops, an​d psychiatric
medication services.​
On-Campus Resources The Academic Success Centre​ offers a variety of​
services and supports specifically for graduate students. 
On-Campus Resources:
Writing Centres in the Profess​ional Facultie​s
Architecture Writing Program
On-Campus Resources:
Writing Centres in the Profess​ional Facultie​s
Engineering Communication Program
On-Campus Resources:
Writing Centres in the Profess​ional Facultie​s
Health Sciences Writing Centre (for students in
Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical
Sciences, Physical Education, Health/Exercise
Science, and Social Work)
On-Campus Resources:
Writing Centres in the Profess​ional Facultie​s
OISE Student Success Centre
On-Campus Resources:
Writing Centres on the Satellite Campuses
​U of T ​Scarborough ca​mpus: The Writing Centre​, Centre for Teaching and Learning​
On-Campus Resources:
Writing Centres on the Satellite Campuses
​U of T Mississauga campus: ​​The Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre​​​
Citation Formats APA Style, APA Online
Citation Formats MLA Style
Citation Formats The Chicago Manual of Style Online​
Citation Formats IEEE Editorial Style Manual​
Citation Formats Standard Documentation Formats,
Writing at U of T​​​​
Citation Formats Citation and Style Guides,
Concordia University Libraries
Citation Formats Research and Citation, OWL at Purdue
Citation Formats Citing References,
University of Wisconsin–Madison Writing Centre​
ESL Support Academic P​hrasebank, University of Manchester
ESL Support English Solutions for Engineering and Sciences Research Writing, Adam Turner, English Writing Lab, Hanyang University
ESL Support English as a Second Lan​guage Resources, OWL at Purdue​
ESL Support Using English fo​r Academic Purposes: A Guide for Students in Higher Education 
ESL Support Using English
ESL Support Online English Gram​mar Book​
ESL Support Learning ​English, BBC
ESL Support Note: If you are not a registered graduate
student at U of T, you may wish to look at the
course offerings at U of T’s​​​​​​ School of​ Continuing Studies or the Toronto District School Boar​d Continuing Education​.​
Grammar Revising, Writing at U of T​
Grammar HyperGrammar, the University o​f Ottawa
Writing Centre
Grammar Grammar, OWL at Purdue​
Grammar Grammar for Academic Writing,
University of ​Edinburgh
Online Guides to Academic Writing Writing at​​ U​ of T
Online Guides to Academic Writing Online Writing Lab, Purdue ​​University
Online Guides to Academic Writing Academic Phrasebank, University of Manchester​
Online Guides to Academic Writing The Writer’s Handbook, the Writing Centre ​​​at
the University of Wisconsin–Madison
Online Guides to Academic Writing Write Online​
Online Guides to Academic Writing Wordiness List, Kim Blank, University​ of Victoria​​​​​​
Oral Presentation Skills Effective Presentations, Kansas University
Medical Center
Oral Presentation Skills Rethinking the Design of Presentation Slides:
The Assertion-Evidence Structure, Michael Alley,Penn State University​​​​
Oral Presentation Skills How to Win at Academic Presentations, 
Sarah Knowles, LSE Impact Blog​
Oral Presentation Skills Presentation Tips, Garr Reynolds
Oral Presentation Skills Presentation Resources, Think Outside the Slide,Dave Paradi​​ ​
Plagiarism How Not to Plagiarize, Writing at U of T​
Plagiarism Avoiding Plagiarism, OWL at Purdue
Plagiarism Plagiarism, Indiana University Writing Tutorial
Plagiarism Academic Integrity Booklet, Princeton University​
Plagiarism Intellectual Property Guidelines for Graduate
Students and Supervisors, School of Graduate
Studies, U of T
Poster Presentations Design of Scientific Posters, Michael Alley,
Penn State University
Poster Presentations Advice on Designing Scientific Posters, Colin
Purrington, Swarthmore College
Poster Presentations Poster Presentation Guidelines,
Varinder K. Randhawa and Philip J. Bilan
Poster Presentations Creating Effective Poster Presentations,
George R. Hess, Kathryn W. Tosney, and
Leon H. Liegel
Poster Presentations Using Visuals, Rebecca A. Pinkus
Proposal Writing Academic Proposals in Graduate School, Writing at U of T
Proposal Writing Dissertation Proposals, Institute of International
Studies, UC Berkeley
Proposal Writing Grant Proposals, University of North Carolina atC​​hapel Hill Writing Center​
Proposal Writing Writing Academic Proposals, OWL at Purdue​
Publishing Getting Published, Gerald Jackson
Publishing Publishing Advice for Graduate Students (in theHumanities and Social Sciences), Thom Brooks
Publishing The Scholarly Kitchen​​​: What’s Hot and Cooking
in Scholarly Publishing​
Publishing The Crisis in Scholarly Publishing:
Demystifying the Fetishes of Technology and the Market, Gordon M. Sayre
Publishing Open Access Overview, Peter Suber
Publishing Directory of Open Access​ Journals
Books on Academic Writing and Speaking Recommended Books on Academic Writing and Speaking
Scientific Writing Craft of Scientific Writing, Michael Alley,
Penn State
Scientific Writing The Science of Scientific Writing,
George D. Gopen and Judith A. Swan
Scientific Writing Scientific Writing Resource, Duke University
Blogs for Graduate Writers Explorations o​f Style​
Blogs for Graduate Writers Doctor​al Writing SIG​
Blogs for Graduate Writers Writing for Research
Blogs for Graduate Writers Patter
Blogs for Graduate Writers The Research Whisperer
Blogs for Graduate Writers The Thesis Whisperer​
Thesis Writing Graduate Supervision Guidelines,
School of Graduate Studies, U of T
Thesis Writing Dissertation Tips, Successful Academic, Mary McKinney, University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill
Thesis Writing Demystifying the Dissertation Column,
Peg Boyle Single, Academic Writing Coach
Thesis Writing Completing a Dissertation Without Tears,
Columbia University​
Thesis Writing Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or
Dissertation, S. Joseph Levine,
Michigan State University​​​