Financial Aid & Advising

Financial Aid

Accessibility Awards & Financial Resources

Programs and awards for students with accessibility issues.

Financial Assistance: Completion Grants & Emergency Funding

Emergency loans and grants, Master's Tuition Fee Bursary, and Doctoral Completion Award.

Government Financial Assistance

OSAP, UTAPs, other provincial loans, and USA loans.

Financial Advising

It's best to seek help early so your problems don't get out of control. Most financial problems only get worse unless you seek help. Financial advising can help relieve your stress, resolve your immediate financial problems and help you plan for the future.

Our Financial Advisor is trained to assist currently registered students in all aspects of financial management, including planning a budget and debt load management.

Financial advising sessions are confidential.

It's important that you bring:

Advising is available in person, via email, or via telephone from 10 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

Please contact the Graduate Awards Office to schedule an appointment with the Financial Advisor (note: August to October are busy registration times; general financial advising appointments are accepted after this period).

Graduate Awards Office