Funding Complaint Process


The purpose of this complaint process is to describe how individual graduate students may bring forward complaints about the interpretation, implementation or compliance with University, faculty and / or graduate unit policy regarding their individual funding package. This complaint process applies to all graduate students in the funded cohort in the School of Graduate Studies (SGS).

For more information about Base Funding and average actual incomes for graduate students, visit the How Funding Works — Research-Stream Programs page.


Normally, students with a complaint should first approach their supervisor and then the department administration to resolve any issues related to their graduate funding package.

If unresolved, the student can provide a written complaint to the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, who will attempt to resolve the complaint. In some cases it may be necessary for students to skip Step 1 because of conflicts.

What if the Funding Complaint Remains Unresolved?

If the funding complaint remains unresolved to the satisfaction of the complainant at the conclusion of this complaint process, the student may wish to contact the following:

UTGSU Academics and Funding Commissioner for their department:

University of Toronto Ombudsperson