Financial Aid & Advising

Financial Aid

Accessibility Awards & Resources

Programs and awards for students who are registered with Accessibility Services.

SGS Grants, Bursaries & Emergency Funding

Emergency Loan and Grant programs, Master’s Completion Bursary (MCB), SGS Gym Bursary, Parental Grant, and Doctoral Completion Award.

Government & University Financial Assistance

OSAP, UTAPs, other provincial loans, and U.S. loans.

Financial Advising

It’s best to seek advice early so your problems don’t get out of control. Financial Advising can help relieve your stress and assist you with navigating financial emergencies. Our Financial Advisors are trained to assist currently registered students with navigating the various funding practices at the university. They can also provide support with budgeting and debt load management.

Book an Appointment

If you wish to book an appointment with one of our Financial Advisors please email your completed Financial Advising Intake Form to  Appointments are available via, telephone, video or teleconference, generally between 10 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday.

It’s important that the following documentation available during the appointment:

  • a copy of your annual funding letter from your graduate unit,
  • a budget or list of expenses and financial resources,
  • OSAP and/or other loan assessments,
  • any other documents related to your debts, unexpected expenses, and available resources.

Please note: Financial Advising sessions are confidential.

Contacts & Resources

Financial Aid and Advising