Financial Aid & Advising

Financial Assistance

Grants, bursaries and other needs-based support may be available through your Registrar’s Office or Graduate Unit, based on your program. Be sure to inquire about financial support opportunities and resources available to graduate students in your program or faculty.

Apply for UTAPs! Through UTAPS, U of T provides non-repayable grants to students to help cover their financial need gap, or unmet need. 

NEW for 2023-2024, all students who would like to be considered for UTAPS for the 2023-24 school year must complete and submit an application along with any supporting documentation UTAPS. If you are not eligible for UTAPS, you can still submit an application and may be considered for grants offered by your division/college/faculty. Be sure to submit your application through the Need Navigator, along with any applicable supporting documentation, by the posted UTAPS deadline

The School of Graduate Studies offers several grants and bursaries for registered graduate students and can work with your home unit to provide financial aid solutions.

Financial Advising

Financial aid and funding advice specific to your graduate program is available to you through your Registrar’s Office or Graduate Unit.

At the School of Graduate Studies, Financial Aid and Award Advisors are also available to assist you with managing educational expenses, budgeting and can provide advice on navigating the various financial aid and funding opportunities for graduate students.

It’s important that you have the following documentation available for you appointment:

  • if you are in a funded program, a copy of your annual funding letter,
  • a budget or list of expenses and financial resources,
  • OSAP and / or other loan assessments,
  • any other documents related to your debts, unexpected expenses, and available resources.