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University-Wide Awards

Award Overview

Graduate Unit Deadline to SGS:

May 25, 2015

Student Deadline to Graduate Unit:

As determined by the individual graduate unit​

Value & Duration:


Level of Study:

Master's or doctoral (depending on awards' criteria)​

Required Legal Status:

Domestic or international (depending on awards' criteria)​


July 2015

After the School of Graduate Studies announces the competition, each graduate unit sets its own internal application deadline prior to selecting the final nominees to forward to the SGS competition. 

Applicants will need to contact their graduate unit to confirm their internal application deadline.


Through the generous support of numerous donors, a number of endowed awards have been established at SGS. Approximately 15 awards with individual eligibility criteria and values are available in the SGS University-Wide Awards competition.


Each award listed below requires specific eligibility criteria and documentation

It is each applicant's responsibility to ensure they are eligible for each award they apply to, by reading the award descriptions below and submitting all of the required documentation detailed within each award description. 

Ineligible or incomplete applications will not be considered.​

The majority of these awards require eligible applicants to be currently registered in a U of T graduate program at the time of application (and must maintain this registration throughout the upcoming academic year).​​

Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund (OSOTF)

Awards listed below that are categorized as "OSOTF" are only open to eligible applicants who:

  • are Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, or protected persons;

  • are residents of Ontario at the time of the application;

  • demonstrate financial need in the application's financial need assessment form

Academic Merit

If you apply for an academic merit award, you mustat minimum​meet the following requirements of an A- average at the time of application (A- = 80%):

  • If you are in the first or second year of graduate studies, you must have an overall average of at least A- on your 20 most recently completed one-term/semester courses.

  • If you are in the third year (or higher) of graduate studies, you must have an overall average of at least A- on all graduate courses completed.

See grading scales

Ontario Student Assistance Plan (OSAP)

View details about OSAP on U of T’s Enrolment Services website. 

Application Process

Applicants must fill out the SGS University-Wide Awards Application. Applicants need only submit one application form and one letter of reference to be considered for multiple awards in this competition. However, applicants must ensure they also submit all of the additional required documentation for each of the awards for which they are applying (detailed in award descriptions). Supporting documentation is also required for certain items in the Financial Need Assessment portion of the application.

Applicants will need to contact their graduate unit to confirm their internal application deadline for this competition. All documentation must be submitted to the graduate unit by the unit's deadline for this competition.  Letters of reference must be sent directly from the referees to the graduate unit as per the unit's deadline for this competition.

Download the application form. (Save the file to your local computer b​efore you fill it out.)

Review the financial need guide.

Award Descriptions

Awards below are categorized by divisionsee SGS's divisional structure to find out which division your graduate unit belongs to.​

All Divisions 

​Number of Recipients Awarded Annually
Joseph Bazylewicz Fellowship​1 to 5
Jeanne F. Goulding Fellowship​1 to 3
Agnes M. Ireland Award (OSOTF)​1 to 3
Ranjit Kumar Graduate Fellowship​1
Kwok Sau Po Scholarship​1 to 2
UTFA Al Miller Memorial Award (OSOTF)​1 to 2
Scace Graduate Fellowship​1 to 4
Donald Matheson Springer Fellowship​1 to 2
Vivekananda Graduate Prize (OSOTF)​1
Professor R. Paul You​ng Fellowship​​1


Divisions I & II (Humanities & Social Sciences)​

​Number of Recipients Awarded Annually
CCCJ Fiftieth Anniversary First Families Award (OSOTF)​1
Hungarian Helicon Foundation Graduate Award (OSOTF)​1


Divisions III & IV (Physical Sciences & Life Sciences)​​​

​Number of Recipients Awarded Annually
Lachlan Gilchrist Fellowship Fund​1 to 3
Mary Gertrude I'Anson Scholarship (OSOTF)​1 to 5
Lorne F. Lambier, Q.C. Scholarship​1 
Ara Mooradian Scholarship ​1


Please direct inquiries about these awards to

Professor R. Paul Young Fellowship (new)

Award Overview

Student Deadline to Unit:

See University-Wide Awards competition above

Unit Deadline to SGS:

May 25, 2015

Value & Duration:

Up to $2,000

Level of Study:


Required Legal Status:

Domestic or international


The Professor R. Paul Young Fellowship is designed to honour outstanding PhD students who are conducting research that addresses issues crossing traditional faculty boundaries.

Established by Colleagues and Friends of Professor R. Paul Young, this fellowship was established to recognize Professor Young’s significant contributions during his seven-year term as Vice-President, Research and Innovation at the University of Toronto (2007 to 2014). During his appointment, Prof. Young led a major University-wide planning effort that resulted in the University’s “Excellence, Innovation, Leadership” Strategic Research Plan. The success of this project is a testament to his passion for research and his ability to build consensus on complex challenges. The fellowship will be awarded starting in the 2015-16 academic year.

For full competition details, please refer to the SGS University-Wide Awards competition section above.

Adel S. Sedra Distinguished Graduate Award

Award Overview

Student Deadline to SGS:

4:30 pm on December 5, 2014

Value & Duration:

Up to $25,000 for 1 year

Level of Study:


Where to Apply:

SGS Graduate Awards Office

Sponsored by the University of Toronto Alumni Association (UTAA), one fellowship of up to $25,000 is awarded annually to a doctoral student who demonstrates outstanding academic excellence and extracurricular leadership.

The selection committee will choose a group of finalists to be interviewed. Candidates who are interviewed as Sedra finalists, but not selected as the Sedra scholar, may receive a $1,000 honorarium in recognition of their achievement. The Sedra scholar and all finalists will be honoured at the Awards of Excellence ceremony in the spring. 

Read more about the recipients from 2013-14, 2014-15, and 2015-16. ​​

How to Apply

Applicants must submit their completed paper application to the Graduate Awards Office by Friday, December 5, 2014 at 4:30 pm.  

Hard-copy letters of recommendation and transcripts must be submitted in signed and sealed envelopes. These items may be mailed or emailed directly from the referee/institution to the Graduate Awards Office by the application deadline.

Complete details and the application form can be found on the University of Toronto Alumni Association​'s website​.

Contacts & Resources

Inquiries about this competition can be directed to the Internal Awards Officer at 416-978-2386 and ​

Connaught International Scholarships for Doctoral Students

The primary purpose of the Connaught International Scholarships for Doctoral Students is to assist graduate units in recruiting and supporting outstanding international scholars to the University of Toronto's graduate programs. The effective value awarded to each student will be $35,000.00 in total (including tuition).

See more details on the Intern​ational Student Awards web page.​

SGS Conference Grant

The SGS Conference Grant provides modest financial support to eligible students who will be actively presenting their research at an academic conference. Two application cycles occur every year (Winter/Spring and Fall).

This grant aims to provide successful applicants with funds to cover at least the minimum registration fee for the proposed conference as well as a modest top-up, when possible. Applicants are expected to seek funding from various sources to supplement their travel and other related expenses.

For complete details, visit the SGS Conference ​Grant web page.

C. David Naylor University Fellowships Endowed by a Gift from the Arthur L. Irving Foundation (new)

Award Overview

Value & Duration:


Level of Study:

Master's or doctoral

Required Legal Status:

Domestic (Canadian citizen or permanent resident)


The C. David Naylor University Fellowships are a prestigious entrance initiative designed to attract outstanding candidates from Atlantic Canadian provinces to graduate programs in the University of Toronto. The Fellowships will be awarded starting in the 2015-16 academic year.

Established by Arthur and Sandra Irving and the Arthur L. Irving Family Foundation, these fellowships honour the University of Toronto's 15th president, Prof. David Naylor. During his eight-year tenure, he worked to ensure the global success of the University, while bringing greater awareness to the country and the world of the prominence of the University of Toronto's faculty, students, and alumni, and their many contributions. As a Rhodes Scholar and world-class researcher and teacher, Prof. Naylor embodies a unique combination of academic excellence and leadership.


These prestigious entrance fellowships are for individuals who:

  • are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada;

  • are graduates of an Atlantic Canadian university;

  • have been or will be offered admission to the first year of a full-time master's (doctoral-stream) or doctoral program at the University of Toronto and subsequently register no later than Fall 2015

Eligible candidates must also demonstrate within their admission application:

  • a track record of academic achievements of the highest level;

  • outstanding leadership potential and commitment to community service in one or more endeavors (including, but not limited to arts, sports, music, entrepreneurship, or social enterprise)

Recipients will be required to correspond with the donor with updates on their studies, research, and professional careers, particularly following their first year of study, but are encouraged to continue their correspondence throughout their studies at the University of Toronto.

Value & Duration

Up to two entrance fellowships of $30,000.00 each (including tuition) will be awarded for one year.

Application & Deadline

Application deadlines are set by individual graduate units. Applications are accepted only via nomination by graduate units.

Contact your graduate unit when applying for admission to a graduate program at the University of Toronto.

Contacts & Resources

For further details and/or if you have questions about this award competition, please contact:

Tara Lock, Awards Officer, Internal