Academic Excellence

Discovery is in Our DNA

Since the University of Toronto was founded in 1827, our dedication to furthering global knowledge has given birth to groundbreaking discoveries and publications in virtually every field. And the School of Graduate Studies has helped foster some of the biggest advancements of our time. Read more

How We Rank on the World Stage

U of T’s ranking for academic work and research is among the best in the world. We rank #1 in Canada, enabling us to attract the best faculty, students, and postdocs. They know when they come to U of T, doors start to open.

Latest Research

At U of T, every day brings news of fresh ideas and innovative solutions. Read the latest at U of T News.

Our Esteemed Alumni

From artists to astronauts, crusaders to storytellers, financiers to entrepreneurs, and champions of causes to Olympic champions, U of T has graduated thousands of highly successful people. Meet some of our esteemed alumni and learn how U of T inspired them to make a difference