What is SGS?

SGS Student Academic Services, 63 St. George Street / Photo: Cindy Blazevic

“SGS” stands for the University of Toronto’s School of Graduate Studies. SGS is committed to continuously improving all aspects of the graduate student experience, as well as delivering high-quality support services and resources specifically for international students.

SGS helps students from all over the world even before they start the U of T admission process: providing admission advice, assessing credentials, and organizing chat sessions to discuss student concerns and questions. As well, SGS can provide guidance through the online admission process, and assist students through the necessary administrative tasks of registration and enrolment.

Students can also look to SGS for support throughout their studies at U of T. We offer a wide range of resources to keep graduate students engaged, healthy, and successful at every stage of their programs.

Our Mission

The mission of the School of Graduate Studies is to promote University-wide excellence in graduate education and research and to ensure consistency and high standards across the divisions. Sharing responsibility for graduate studies with graduate units and divisions, and operating through a system of collegial governance, consultation, and decanal leadership, we define and administer University-wide regulations for graduate education.

The School of Graduate Studies also provides expertise, advice, and information; reviews the design and delivery of programs; develops performance standards; supports diversity, equity, fairness, and ethical conduct in graduate education; organizes services and financial assistance to graduate students; encourages a close and positive relationship between research and graduate instruction; and represents the cause of graduate education at the University of Toronto in the wider academic and general community.

Our mission is to foster excellence in graduate education by supporting and promoting outstanding graduate learning and research in an environment that encourages an exceptional student experience.

The School of Graduate Studies achieves its mission by:

  • Working collaboratively to advance excellence and innovation in graduate research and education.
  • Fostering an outstanding graduate experience for our diverse student population.
  • Creating and promoting opportunities for graduate student professional development.
  • Advancing integrity and ethical conduct in graduate research and education.
  • Establishing policy and promoting best practices for graduate research and education.
  • Providing registrarial and support services for the graduate community.