Non-degree Special Students

Non-degree special students are those who choose to take coursework and are not registered in a program of study that leads to a degree. Non-degree special students must submit an application for admission for each academic year of study.

Full-time special students pay the full-time academic fee. Special students enrolling on a part-time basis will pay for each course or half-course. Fees paid as a special student cannot be applied to any subsequent degree program. Refund dates are different for part-time special students; check the Student Accounts for details.

Before applying, you should identify the courses you wish to take and obtain approval from the graduate unit offering the course.

  1. Full-time special students must have completed an appropriate bachelor’s degree with good academic standing (mid B), from a recognized university. At least two letters of reference are required for full-time special students.
  2. Part-time special students must hold an appropriate bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, from a recognized university. Applicants who are accepted with less than mid-B standing are not normally considered admissible to a master’s degree at a later day.
  3. Other qualifications as specified by a graduate unit.