Summer 2019 Workshop Schedule​​​

​​Improving Your Oral Presentation Skills

Thursdays, 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m., McLennan Physical Laboratories, 255 Huron Street, Room 134

Accessibility: Main entrance: powered entrance at grade.The entrance is only visible from the street looking through the parkette from St. George Street​.​​​

All workshops in this series are taught by Cristina D’Amico.

May 23: Developing Your Delivery Style​ 

In this workshop, we’ll focus on strategies for developing your delivery style and oral presentation skills. The session will cover all the key elements of delivery, including voice, body language, going off script, using your space, and memorization. Please note that this will be an interactive session: there is no pre-work required, but come prepared to participate, speak, and practice your delivery.​​

​May 30: Making an Effective Conference Presentation​ 

In this workshop, we’ll consider best practices for delivering an engaging conference presentation. We’ll discuss aspects of effective delivery and presentation; writing for listeners (versus writing for readers); handling the questions period; and elements of slide design.​​​

​June 6: Using Story and Narrative to Communicate Your Research​ 

Are you interested in communicating your research to non-specialist and non-academic audiences? In this workshop, we’ll cover strategies for effectively sharing your research outside your field. We’ll consider how elements of narrative–archetypes, audience, impact, drama, and suspense–can help you create a compelling design for your research story​.​​​